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Summertime, and the living is......?

Grace and peace to you!

It is summertime, and the living in 2020 is anything but easy. We remain in the midst of a historic global pandemic, the economic fall-out that deepens, and the active pursuit of justice for persons of color that meets challenge and resistance, and concerns about the well-being of democratic systems in our nation and around the world (i.e. Hong Kong).

As believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we hold that we have the grace and forgiveness available to us to name these sins and challenges, and to envision and work toward a future of healing and justice. We are also filled with thanksgiving for the strength and inspiration that comes from God, and the other gifts that God provides us to soothe our souls.

In that spirit of gratitude for these gifts of restoration, we are reviving our “musical theater liturgy” that offers some joy and inspiration in the midst of these challenges. We hope that as our worship service progresses, the music along with the words of the Gospel and the vision of unity offered in communion will bring you both solace and strength and joy!

Please recall that we have moved our worship service out on the terrace. This move makes it possible for us to continue to safely hold and live-stream our live worship gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as host up to 8 households participating live and receiving communion. If you wish to attend outside worship, please email Leon at to reserve your seat!

God bless you and keep you safe. And enjoy the snappy tunes!


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