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Become a Member

Are you feeling called to join St. Matthew’s?  Are you called to live out your faith in our engaged community?

St. Matt's gives you a choice. Become a Regular Member or a Global Member.

Regular Member


A “Regular Member” is a voting member in the LA area called to participate in person locally in the life and ministry of the congregation. This membership includes the privilege to serve in leadership roles and to vote on congregational policies and actions.

Global Member


A "Global Member" is an Associate Member of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in North Hollywood who participates in and supports the life and  ministry of our distinctive, inclusive congregation primarily through our virtual offerings such as live-streamed worship, and teleconferencing small groups.
"Global Members" are encouraged to receive communion in their local church, and attend St. Matt's in person when they are in the LA area.

Step 1: Meet the Pastor

Have a conversation or two with our pastor, Pr. Stephanie Jaeger, usually over coffee or a meal (her treat!) when we can meet in person or over Facetime or Zoom. You can text Pr. Stephanie Jaeger at the number below, message her on social media, call or email to schedule a time to meet.

Phone: 310-968-7038


Step 2: Participate in a New Member Session

Participate in a new member session together with others interested in joining St. Matt’s.  These sessions are currently being held on Zoom at a time convenient for new members. In these sessions you have a chance to share about your spiritual journey and to learn about the Lutheran lens on God’s grace, love, forgiveness, suffering and transformation and more, as well as God’s call for us to be Jesus’ body in the world.

Learn when these sessions are held by


Step 3: Congregational Welcome

New members are received into membership during a regular Sunday morning worship service. The congregation welcomes you, makes a commitment to support you on your spiritual journey, while you commit to continuing on your spiritual journey as part of this church community. The new member reception is currently happening on Zoom, recorded and then broadcast during a live-streamed Sunday worship service.


Step 4: Mentorship

As a new member of St. Matthew’s, you are paired with a longer-term member who serves as a mentor for you for the first year of your membership.  Your mentor commits to checking in with your regularly, being your friend, praying for you, and serving as a go-to resource about St. Matt’s ministry. 

Why join St. Matthew’s?


Because you feel God is calling you to be a Christian in this extraordinary church community.  We really believe that St. Matt’s is a rare church that truly embodies the gospel of Jesus Christ through our ministries of inclusion, worship, education and profound community service. 


Join us for a service or get in touch with Pastor Stephanie today!

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