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About St. Matt's

St. Matt's is a progressive Christian church that welcomes all people as they seek to deepen their relationship with God revealed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, build beloved and inclusive community, and live out their faith in action in the world.


Our Mission Statement

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church celebrates God’s grace through Christ, embraces diversity, and empowers people to discover and develop their spiritual gifts to serve as agents of healing and change.

We understand and accept that we are not perfect, and that God offers us love that transforms us and makes us whole and makes us more fully the just person and beloved community that God envisions us to be. 

We challenge ourselves with questions about God, the Bible and the world. Our faith is something that deepens and grows over the course of our lives and through our intentional and critical engagement with sacred texts, traditions and theology. We ask questions more than we offer pat answers. Because God can take it.

Church Exterior

Mirroring God's boundless embrace of all creation and Jesus Christ's radical hospitality, St. Matt's practices radical inclusion.


Our community is LGBTQI-inclusive, with a majority LGBTQI membership. We welcome the Deaf and hard-of-hearing through our ASL worship, ASL-interpreted worship, spiritual formation opportunities using ASL and Deaf-friendly media, and service ministries we do together as Deaf and hearing Christians.  


Participants in our parish come from all walks of life; wealthy people, professionals, working class, and homeless persons gather together in Christian love to experience God's grace and to witness to Jesus Christ.​

We like the way Jesus lived and are empowered by faith to emulate his Holy-Spiritedness, compassion, justice and accountability.  


We are deeply committed to living out our faith in action in our community and the world through congregational initiatives such our weekly homeless drop-in, our annual trips to build houses in Tijuana, and our advocacy on behalf of housing, fair wages, LGBTQ rights, and the human rights of all persons. 

We also have a pretty wacky sense of humor. ;-)


Want to know more about St. Matt's or interested in becoming a member of our church?

Please contact Pastor Stephanie Jaeger


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