Racial Equity Group

St. Matthew’s has formed a Racial Equity Group that is organizing our work to advance authentic, strategic diversity in the church, our denomination, and in our community.  The group is leading our congregation in evaluating our practices, making recommendations for advancing equity, implementing steps to advance authentic, strategic diversity at St. Matt’s and racial equity in our community. 

St. Matt’s Racial Equity Group Invites You to Viewing, Discussion and Reflection of the Movie “13th”

13th is an original documentary by director Ava DuVernay that looks at the 13th amendment which banned slavery, but which includes a loophole that allows for slavery if someone has committed a crime. It traces the relationship between slavery, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration. It is an in-depth look at the racism built into the prison system.


The St. Matt’s Racial Equity Group invites St. Matt’s members and friends to engage with 13th

as a way to gain a deeper understanding of how racial inequity is experienced and propagated in the US.  We urge all members of the congregation to watch the movie, either on their own if you have access to Netflix, or as part of a viewing party.  On subsequent days we will lead discussion and reflection on the movie.

Our program of engagement includes:

Sunday, Nov. 8: During worship we will show the trailer to the documentary 13th to introduce the subject of perpetuated slavery.

Saturday, Nov. 14, 7-9pm: we will host a group viewing of the movie 13th on-line.  Register at: stmatthewsnoho.org/13thviewing

Sunday, Nov. 15, 12:30pm-2pm: we will host a discussion of the movie both in person (max. 10 ppl) and on Zoom.  Leaders: Sharyl Carrado and Lis Miller. Register for the discussion link: stmatthewsnoho.org/13thdiscussion

Sunday, Nov. 22: members of the Racial Equity Group will offer temple talks reflecting on how the issues of perpetuated slavery and racial inequality raised in 13th impact us today.


Questions? Please email stephanie@stmatthewsnoho.org

Register to view 13th together with others on Sat., 11/14, 7pm: stmatthewsnoho.org/13thviewing

Register for the Discussion of 13th on Sun., 11/15, 12:30pm: stmatthewsnoho.org/13thdiscussion

St. Matt's Racial Equity Group Blog


St. Matt's Racial Equity Group meets monthly on Sunday afternoons on Zoom to identify tasks, discuss recommendations and strategize.  Our next meeting is Sunday, Nov. 8, 3-4pm on Zoom.  

If you are interested in being part of St. Matthew’s—NoHo’s Racial Equity Group, please email Pr. Stephanie Jaeger for the Zoom link at stephanie@stmatthewsnoho.org

Community members committed to racial equity are encouraged to participate in our racial equity group and help the church carry forward the community commitment to anti-racism. 

In preparation for our work together, you are invited to read the ELCA statement: “How Strategic and Authentic is Our Diversity; A Call for Confession, Reflection and Healing Action.”  The purpose of this document is to assist the denomination in all its expressions (congregation, synod, seminary, national church etc.) to advance racial equity.  Most of the recommendations are for the institutional church, not so much congregations.  But we can learn from the suggestions and they can spur us to action on the congregational level.

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