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North Hollywood, CA 91602


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Worship, Arts and Spiritual Growth

We worship God with joy and creativity every Sunday at 10:30am.  We also offer special services during special seasons of the church year like Lent, Holy Week and Easter, World Aids Day, and Christmas.  Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service begins at 7:30pm this year, preceded by a Christmas Potluck Reception at 6pm.

We come to worship “just as we are" and to encounter God and experience God's grace and hope.

Our worship has three important phases.  At the start of our worship services, we often share words  of confession and forgiveness that free us to experience God's boundless love for us.  At the center of our worship are Bible readings and their interpretation in sermons that relate God's vision expressed in the Biblical texts to our lives and our world.  Our worship closes each week with Holy Communion, the sharing of the presence of Jesus Christ in bread (or rice wafer) and wine (or grape juice). God's forgiveness, God's Word, and God's presence renew us for what we are called to be and do the rest of the week.

We believe art and beauty are gifts from God, and we utilize the arts--especially music--to expand our experience and understanding of God. During the season of Lent, we offer a Wednesday evening arts-based prayer station worship.  Our Sunday worship follows traditional forms, juxtaposed with current issues and elements that give us a holistic experience of God.  As an inclusive community that believes God is beyond gender, we are sensitive to what images and language we use to talk and represent God so that we can most fully convey how God is and acts,.

At St. Matt's, everyone who comes to worship is welcome to the communion table, God's table, to receive God's grace in Jesus Christ. Children may commune at the wish of their parent, or may be brought to the altar for a blessing. 

We offer worship for the Deaf every Sunday. On the first and third Sundays of the month, the worship is in the main church with ASL interpretation. On the second, fourth and fifth Sundays, there is an all-ASL service in our second floor Chapel at 10:30am.

We encourage comfortable attire!


Music is a vital part of our worship life and our spiritual formation.  The St. Matthew's Choir helps to lead the worship community in congregational singing and provides choral musical offerings in the service.  Choir members also serve as cantors to lead chanting in worship, and offer solo and small group musical offerings in worship. Choir meets and rehearses at 7:30pm on Wednesday nights in the sanctuary, and again at 9:30am Sunday mornings. The choir meets from September through mid-June.   Saunder Choi, Choir Director.  For more information about the choir email stmatthewsnohochoir@gmail.com or call 818.762.2909.

Scripture by Heart and Liturgical Movement
Scripture by Heart and Liturgical Movement

Do you like to recite poetry? Act? Do Improv? Write?  Several times a year creative members develop innovative and artful ways of presenting and commenting on Scripture readings including Biblical storytelling, guided meditation, Improv with parables, drumming with scripture, or liturgical dance--even acro.  The possibilities are limited only by your Spiritual imagination.  To participate, contact stmatthewsnoho@gmail.com.

Adult Forum

Adult Forum meets every Sunday from 9:30am to 10:20am in the Timothy Stocks Fireside Room.  We gather to study the Bible and significant theological ideas.  Coffee and donuts too.   For information about current topics, e-mail stmatthewsnohopastor@gmail.com or consult our facebook page "St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, North Hollywood."

Sunday School

St. Matt's offers an all-ages Sunday School program on Sundays from 9:30am-10:20am in the Sunday School Room off our inner courtyard.  All children ages 2 and up are welcome!  Please preregister by e-mailing stmatthewsnoho@gmail.com.

Feminine Sacred Circle

Feminine Sacred Circle has met at St. Matthew's since 2007. Initially, the group began as a counter-balance to the patriarchal emphasis of our Christian tradition stressing how, as Mao Zedong stated, "women hold up half the sky." As we have explored faiths and perspectives from around the world including Marianne Williamson, we've taken trips to join in meditation at the Self-Realization centers around L.A., experience sonic healing at the Disney Family Cancer Center. We've chimed during worship and invited speakers to lead discussion about Muslims for Progressive values, breathing + chakra energy with Amber Keating   and the Swedish theologian/mystic, E. Swedenborg, thanks to Bishop Guy Erwin. We have also volunteered and raised funds for LSS programs with Open Mic Night events and the Holiday Toy Drive.  

What's next?  We are excited about the LSS upcoming Circles that will be unveiled in the next few months. Please join us if this small group focus resonates with you and/or you have other ideas for consideration!Contact Melanie Ronning for more information at simpljoiz@gmail.com for more information.

Open Mic Nights

Several times a year the incredibly talented members and friends of St. Matt's put on a cabaret-style open mic night.  Singers, dancers, poets and writers, actors and comedians share their gifts to raise money for different non-profit partners or causes such as Get On the Bus and Lutheran Social Services.  Check our calendar for our next event!