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Showing Up and Saying Yes

The end of November will mark six years since my wife Denice and I showed up for worship at St. Matt’s and five years since we said yes to membership. From that first day it’s been a wonderful journey and we haven’t looked back... Showing Up and Saying Yes has often marked turning points in my life and I feel I am taking that step forward once again.

Earlier this year I opened my eyes and found a new perspective when I joined members of St. Matt’s Wellness Group and we moved through the 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge. I streamed films (“Just Mercy”), checked audiobooks out of the LA library (DEAR CHURCH, HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST), found podcasts dealing with racial equity in the performing arts and my eyes were opened. As life seems to go one thing led to another, and I had no trouble working out what to do or read or watch next because the more I involved myself, the more I became aware of resources I could use to take me one more step in the direction of change.

The St. Matt’s Racial Equity Group will give all of us an opportunity to show up and say yes to taking another step forward. I want to listen and learn – stretch myself in new directions and give God the opportunity to work in me and our community in ways I cannot even imagine at this point. When I think of all the changes that I have seen since we came to St. Matt’s and the blessings that have been provided – I have great confidence that with God’s help we will find our way into the future.


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