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Care and Coaching

Life can be extremely challenging, especially these days as we continue to navigate the COVID pandemic. 


Maybe you are trying to make an important decision or make a change in your life.  Maybe you just need a little additional support to process challenging relationships and situations.  We all can use additional care and coaching at some point on our journeys.


Stephanie Jaeger is an experienced pastor, care giver and trained life coach who is here to support you on your journey.  Her areas of special interest include: life transitions (new jobs, new relationships, making major life decisions, discerning and accepting sexual orientation/identity, loss and grief, marriage), support for caregivers, support for social justice advocates, support for essential workers, addressing burnout, self-care, setting boundaries, crafting and realizing your personal vision.

Sign up for 50 minute sessions starting on the hour.

Select in-person (@St. Matt's--NoHo), Zoom or phone.

Please only book a maximum of 1 sessions per week.

Current availability for sessions (all times PST) is:

Mondays           2-3:50pm

Tuesdays           11am-12:50pm

Wednesdays     4-6:50pm

Saturdays          11am-1pm

If you wish to schedule a session at other times, please email Pr. Stephanie at

Stephanie Jaeger has her M.Div. from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and has been an ordained pastor in the ELCA for 15 years. She has a Ph.D. in literary studies and an MFA in Creative Writing.  She is a trained life coach, and is currently working on her Masters in Counseling.


Please note that Stephanie is not a licensed clinician.  For mental health needs Stephanie refers clients to licensed mental health professionals.  


There is no charge for care and life coaching sessions with Stephanie.

Have questions?

Please contact Pastor Stephanie Jaeger

Text: 310-968-7038

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